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Kristine Hoffman

Kris graduated with a bachelors in Science from Brigham Young University. She went on to receive her MBA from the University of Pheonix and is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service. For 28 years she and her husband have been successful at running their own financial firm in Orem. She is also a board member of the Utah NATP chapter (National Association of Tax Professionals), on the board of Directors for Utah’s United Way Women in Philanthropy and is on the Advisory Board for Advancement of Leadership at UVU. She’s a native to Utah, but has lived all over the world in places such as Equador, Trinidad and Santa Domingo. She married her best friend 32 years ago and has 4 children. She enjoys skiing, reading and traveling but most of all, BYU football.

Joshua Hardin

Josh graduated with dual bachelors; one from Utah Valley University and one from Brigham Young University. He is an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and has been working with the company for over 9 years. Josh is from Portland, Oregon but has lived in Utah for the past decade. He is married and has 4 sons. He enjoys baseball and continues to lead the Hoffman co-ed team to victory in the Orem City slow-pitch softball league for 4 years running.