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Why would you want to hire an Enrolled Agent to prepare your taxes? Here are some reasons to come to Hoffman and Company:

      • Preparing your own taxes are time-consuming, distressing, or confusing.
      • You want to make sure your tax returns are accurate and thorough.
      • Your tax situation is complex, and you need specialized advice and tips.
      • You would like to pay the least amount possible, and need detailed planning and advice from someone who is well-acquainted with tax code.
      • You are facing a tax problem, such as filing back taxes, paying off a tax debt, or fighting an IRS audit or penalty and need someone who has years of experience in helping others get through these types of situations quickly and with the least amount of damage.
      • You run a business, sold property, invest in the stock market, own rental property, or live outside the United States.

Tax Services:

  • Personal tax return preparation
  • LLC tax return prep
  • S-Corp tax prep
  • Trust and 501(c)(3) taxes
  • Free Electronic Filing
  • Online Tax Filing—All 50 States Welcome!


Providing you with accurate, timely financial information is our chief concern in the Bookkeeping Department of Hoffman and Company. We do our best to accommodate your unique situation, with a variety of methods available for communication of necessary information. We can work through online access, remote access, cloud technology, use of storage drives, or good old-fashioned paper copies. Our monthly services can include the following:

      • Financial statements including Income Statement (showing Receivable monthly and year-to-date figures) Balance Sheet, and General Ledger detail. Job costing can be included.
      • Creation and filing of sales tax returns
      • Bank and credit card reconciliation
      • Accounts payable via electronic payments
      • Billing and invoicing of customers, with reporting of Accounts

In addition, we provide consulting and advice as needed. We can assist with QuickBooks setup and training. Clients are welcome to call and ask questions at any time.

Corporations and LLC's

Why would you hire a company that spends most of their time engrossed in tax code to advise you on your entity set-up?
If you want to ensure that the entity you choose is the best one, not only for your business but the one that will provide you with the best tax advantage, then you want to get the advice from someone who spends the most time working with corporate tax returns.

Payroll Services

Process and pay all State and Federal Withholdings:

    1. Unemployment taxes
    2. Social Security
    3. Medicare
    4. FUTA
    5. SUTA


File all payroll tax reports to all agencies:

    1. 941 reports
    2. 940 annual reports
    3. State unemployment tax reports
    4. State TC-96 quarterly report
    5. State TC-96 annual report

* W-2’s and W-3’s
* 1099’s
* Section 125 Cafeteria plans
* New Hire Reporting
* Direct Deposit
* SwipeClock
* Time and Attendance Systems
* Supplemental Insurance
* 401k Administration
* Health Savings Accounts
* No cost, easy set-ups
* Workers Compensation Audits
* State Unemployment Audits
* Locally Owned and Operated
* 40 Years experience
* Members IPPA
* E&O Insured